Professional behavior

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  All Sales Staff, All Service Staff, MDS
  Industry Standard Training
  45  minutes
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Brief Description

  • People who are in the company of others always communicate! Even if they don't talk to each other, even if you don't even look at each other, they send signals through posture, gestures and facial expressions. These signals can trigger positive emotions in other people. They can be inviting and encouraging, but they can also express rejection, aggression and intimidation. In professional communication, it is important to know how you send out signals and how you can influence the effect of your appearance.

Target Group

  • All Employees

Theoretical and practical contents

  • Communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Behavior in conflict situations

After this training you will be able to…

  • apply the basic rules of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • express negative feelings in a positive and constructive way. You also know that your voice is an instrument that you can train. You will do some exercises for this!
  • assess the influence of eye contact, closeness, facial expressions and gestures on your counterpart. You will be able to test yourself with numerous exercises,
  • behave accordingly towards the customer in conflict situations. You know how to react and are able to defuse delicate situations.


This course module is a "package" containing other course modules.

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