Kyocera Academy for our KDIS partners

Welcome to Kyocera Academy where you will find that enabling learning and development for customers and employees is our mission! We´re part of Kyocera Document Solutions Europe Management B.V. and a provider of customised educational solutions. Knowledge is the key of organisational growth and governance. We know how to make knowledge transfer happen especially for our KDIS Partners!

Realise learning & development

Investment in your employee's and customer's knowledge is key for ensuring sustainable growth, innovation capabilities and overall commitment. Equipping your resources with the right knowledge will only enable the productivity level.

Ensure service quality & corporate governance

Constant change in products, technologies and growing demands for compliance and security, makes it difficult to ensure excellent knowledge of service and sales employees. Stay up to date with the changes and be prepared.

We offer up to date tailor-made educational services for a wide range of internal and external customers from all over the globe. Our solutions provide an effective, cost-cutting and quality enhancing learning experience. In conjunction with the most up-to-date technology in the field, we are able to offer educational solutions of the highest quality for our KDIS partners. Our services include Content development, Learning infrastructure and Consulting/Support.

President Message

Kyocera Document Solutions is constantly Changing More. As an employee and Kyocera family member, you are an essential player in this journey. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to challenge yourself, to aim high and to pursue our dreams together.

Since we are a community dedicated to excellence and Kyocera values all its employees, we aim for the best learning opportunities. This new Academy website therefore focuses on your professional development within our company, providing you with eLearning opportunities that will contribute to expanding your knowledge and skills.

It is my personal wish that we travel this journey together in which we can grow ourselves, our customers and our company.

Humans possess many different types of knowledge. However, knowledge by itself is not useful. It must be elevated to the point of insight

Dr. Inamori

Customise your training

Our training products are assembled to provide the most effective solutions for your training requirement and at the same time to adapt to the rapid changing business environment. The Training Library offers a wide range of online training and (virtual) classroom training. If you are unsure what training solutions you require for your target group, please contact us. We will assist you in designing and organizing a customized training program that will meet your business needs.

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Get to know the Academy!

The new Kyocera Academy offers a set of new and old functions in a new design. For example, there are no longer individual catalogues to choose from. You will find all modules available in the "Training Library".

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Online Courses



  • eLearning Award - 2019

    Extended enterprise

    In 2019, another important milestone is set – an eLearning award for 'Extended Enterprise'. Thanks to the business development based on a SAAS concept of our learning management system, Academy rollout the LMS service to external business partners on a global scale.

  • eLearning Award - 2012

    Capability management

    Awarded 1st price in the eLearning award in 2012 for 'Capability Management'. Thanks to the optimization of our learning management system and the modular approach of content development, Academy implemented an international certification path. (Winner Project: KYOCERA ACADEMY)

  • eLearning Award - 2012

    Knowledge management

    Academy established the learning management system in order to harmonize global training opportunities. This also includes the blended learning approach, tailor-made learning solutions and a common training database/processes. This was only possible by following the principle: Do it once, do it right and do it in one place. Kyocera Academy was established as a single point of education provider within KYOCERA. (Winner Project: International Employee Seminar)

  • KYOCERA Document Solutions “President Awards”

    Gold award

    In 2012, Academy received the Kyocera Document Solutions “Gold Award”, signed by the previous president of KYOCERA DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS Europe - Yoshiaki Onishi. The award was based on the “outstanding achievements in Fiscal Year 2012” within the areas of learning infrastructure, content and processes.